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Sep 08, 2021

Our experienced Phlebos and Specialists make all the difference in Home sample collection 

A Phlebotomist, also known as Phlebo, is a technician who draws blood from a patient’s body for laboratory testing. Choosing the right spot, right tube, right way of drawing blood, clotting the puncture at the right time and rushing the sample to the lab in the least possible time to avoid delays in centrifugation – all together makes up for phlebotomy.

It is safe to assume that the love of needles does not run in everyone’s veins. People of different age groups will admit their apprehensions of getting their blood withdrawn for any test. Perhaps it’s the fear of the sharp objects or the cringe at the sight of the blood. But blood collection for tests continues to be the common method to diagnose potential risk of a disease.

What differentiates our phlebotomists from others – is empathy. Many patients are a bit nervous before walking into the room to give their blood samples. Our phlebotomists make the patients feel at ease, explain the procedure and calm their fears.                  

Professional Expertise & Academics :-

With over 550 highly trained staff & 70 Super specialist doctors – trained in various subspecialties at the best institutes in India – makes Professionally Trained Experts the core strength of Max Lab. Our laboratories also boast of having highly qualified haematologists, histopathologists, biochemists, microbiologists and technologists.

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