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Parameter Included: 11

The IL-6 Exclusive Panel includes the following tests:

  1. IL-6: IL-6 is a protein that is produced in the body in response to bacterial and viral infections. High levels of IL-6 may indicate infection, inflammation, autoimmune disorders, or cardiovascular diseases.
  2. D-Dimer: D-Dimer is a protein fragment and increased levels of this protein may be a sign of blood clotting disorders. A D-dimer test helps detect the presence of severe blood clots.
  3. CRP: A CRP (C-Reactive Protein) test helps diagnose various conditions, like bacterial infections, inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune disorder, and infection of bones. It measures the level of c-reactive protein in the blood, which is released by the liver in response to inflammation.
  4. CBC: Measuring the various components of blood, a CBC (Complete Blood Count) test is to evaluate a person’s overall health and can help diagnose a number of disorders like infections, anaemia, etc.
  5. Ferritin: This test measures the amount of ferritin, which is a protein that stores iron, in the blood. Low levels of ferritin can indicate several conditions, like anaemia, so the ferritin test is mainly prescribed by doctors for diagnosing a patient’s health.
  6.  PT INR: The PT INR test helps calculate the clotting efficiency of blood. Expressed as an International Normalised Ratio (INR), the test can help diagnose and monitor bleeding disorders.
  7. LFT: An LFT (Liver Function Test) is done to determine the health of the liver and monitor its functioning by detecting blood levels of various proteins, enzymes, and bilirubin.
  8. LDH: The LDH test is performed to detect signs of liver damage or of other severe infections.
  9. Troponin I, High Sensitive: This test is used to determine if the symptoms a patient is suffering from have been caused by a heart attack or by some other condition. The Troponin I, high sensitivity test measures blood levels of troponin I to help detect heart damage.
  10. NT-proBNP: Stress on the heart, caused by conditions like heart failure, releases B-type Natriuretic Peptide and N-terminal pro BNP. The NT-proBNP test is used to measure the levels of these molecules in the blood for effective treatment monitoring.
  11. Procalcitonin: This test measures levels of procalcitonin in the blood. The presence of this peptide indicates the body’s response to conditions like tissue injury, bacterial infections, and sepsis, and the procalcitonin test helps diagnose the condition of the patient.

Test Includes:

CBC (Complete Blood Count), Prothrombin Time (with INR), D-Dimer, Interleukin -6 (IL-6), CRP- C-REACTIVE PROTEIN, Liver Function Test Profile, LDH (Lactate Dehydrogenase) Total , Trop I, Ferritin, NT-proBNP, Procalcitonin

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