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Frequently Asked Questions

A full body checkup once a year can help keep track of your health, facilitate early detection of any health issue or condition, help plan suitable diet and exercise regimes, and help maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can choose a full body checkup package based on your age, medical conditions, etc. at Max Lab and book an appointment online in a hassle-free manner.

An essential part of preventive healthcare, the tests in your full body checkup health package should be chosen based on factors like your age, medical condition (if any), family medical history, your risk factors for particular conditions, if you are experiencing health issues, etc. For example, in your 20s, unless you are suffering from some condition, a full body checkup with tests for basic screening would suffice, while you may want to consider a more comprehensive panel of tests when you are in your 40s. For a better understanding of which full body checkup package you should opt for from the wide range of options available at Max Lab, you should consult your doctor who will be able to give the right advice based on your individual requirements.

Max Lab is a well-trusted pathology lab and diagnostic centre with a strong network across the country. With an infrastructure equipped with fully automated advanced technologies, Max Lab ensures high quality services and accurate results, making it one of the best choices for getting your full body health checkup done. When you book your full body health checkup with Max Lab, you get several benefits, like:

  • Hassle-free online booking of tests
  • Wide range of full body health checkup packages to choose from
  • Vaccinated and certified phlebotomists
  • Highly trained staff and expert pathologists
  • Accurate results
  • Quick report generation
  • Reports are sent to you via email within the stipulated time range and are also available for download online

Max Lab facilitates accurate results for your complete body checkup (and other tests). Since almost 70% of medical decisions depend on test reports provided by diagnostic labs, we have several protocols in place that enable us to deliver accurate results:

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure with fully automated advanced technologies for high levels of excellence.
  • Standardised protocols and processes to ensure stringent quality monitoring.
  • Highly trained and qualified staff, phlebotomists, pathologists, doctors, and scientific officers.
  • The QualiCare Kit used by our technicians includes one-time use materials like vials, swabs, gloves, needles, etc. and ensures zero contamination and hygienic sample collection.
  • Strict internal quality controls at multiple levels.

Choose from a wide range of complete body checkup packages at Max Lab and book your appointment today!

We have a hassle-free process for making an online booking for your full body checkup:

  • Search for the relevant test package through the search bar on our website.
  • Find the relevant package that you need to book. Click “See Details” for more information about the full body checkup or make an online booking for it by clicking “Book Now”.
  • If there are any ongoing offers or you have valid discount coupons, you can add them to your order on the ‘Cart’ page.
  • Check and confirm the details of your online booking for a full body checkup before proceeding.
  • You will need to login into your account for the final steps. You can create an account using your phone number if you haven’t already.
  • Select/add the name of the person for whom the test is being booked, select/add the address for sample collection, choose a suitable date and time slot for your appointment and make the payment for the same.

Your report will be emailed to you on the email ID you provide at the time of registration, or you can download it directly from the website as well.

Max Lab offers a wide range of full body checkup packages that include different tests and panels. What is included in the full body checkup package varies with different packages. From the basic Wellwise Essential Profile that includes 49 tests, including tests for cholesterol, blood sugar (fasting), total and direct bilirubin, CBC, etc., to the Wellwise Platinum Profile that includes 95 tests, including the hepatitis B surface antigen test, etc., there are numerous packages to choose from.

To know exactly what is included in a particular full body checkup package, you can click the “See Details” option under the package.

The cost of a complete health checkup at Max Lab can range anywhere from Rs 999 to Rs 5999 depending on the complete health checkup package you choose. Factors like your age, health condition, family history, lifestyle habits, etc. can significantly affect your overall health and should be taken into consideration when deciding what tests you need to include in your complete health checkup package.

Once you have chosen from among the many full-body health checkup packages offered by Max Lab and completed your booking, you will receive a confirmation email and text message on your registered email ID and phone number, with all the important details about your order. At the decided time, a certified phlebotomist will arrive at the address you provided with a sealed QualiCare Kit for sample collection. The sample will then be sent to the diagnostic lab for testing. When the report for the test is generated, it will be emailed to you on your registered email ID and will also be made available online on our website for you to download.

Yes, you can make an online booking for a full body checkup and opt for our home sample collection service. We have a team of qualified and certified phlebotomists who are fully vaccinated for home sample collections. For hygienic sample collection with zero contamination, the phlebotomists from Max Lab use QualiCare Kits that include one use material like gloves, needles, vials, swabs, etc.

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