About us

About Us

Max Lab is a division of Max Healthcare, one of India’s largest Healthcare providers. At Max Lab, we are at the forefront of diagnostic technology, servicing emergency and critical tertiary care needs of more than 7 Super Speciality hospitals and multiple primary care healthcare providers and Doctors.

With an experience of over 70,00,000 samples tested every year, the laboratory benefits directly by  catering to the patient with complex or rare cases and in interpreting unusual results. Max Lab now takes a step closer to our customers’ by directly servicing them through expert laboratory services and collections centres located at a convenient distance from the neighbourhood.

Our network includes 10 laboratories, operational 24×7 in Max Super Speciality hospitals across Delhi, Punjab and Uttrakhand. We are equipped with fully automated state-of- art technology and infrastructure to achieve the highest level of excellence and quality results.

Max Lab aims to empower treating physicians with accurate insights in the test reports for right diagnosis and treatment. We believe that every test report must be accurate to aid in the correct treatment and early recovery of patients.