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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

There are a number of tests to measure the blood sugar levels in an individual. It is best to book tests recommended by the general physician or family doctor. People who do not have a family history of diabetes or lead a healthy lifestyle are often recommended a glucose fasting test. On the other hand, individuals who are at a higher risk of diabetes are suggested to get an HbA1c test. The most comprehensive way to measure blood sugar levels is by getting a full diabetes screening profile test. 

Individuals who have a glucose fasting test scheduled in the morning should not consume any food items or beverages from the previous night. Only water should be consumed 8 to 14 hours before the test is scheduled. When it comes to the hbA1c test, then no preparations are required before the scheduled appointment. However, consulting the doctor or the lab physician would be wise a day before the test. Preparing for a diabetes test should be taken seriously. This is because the test results further determine the course of the prognosis.

Glucose fasting is a blood sugar test that requires an individual to fast overnight. This means that consumption of food or beverages should not be done at least 8 to 14 hours before sample collection. Similarly, a glucose tolerance test also involved overnight fasting in order to get the most accurate reports. It is best to get all the information before scheduling a diabetes test beforehand. This will help in avoiding any form of inaccuracies.

There are different tests for the diagnosis of different types of diabetes. For instance, if an individual has a family history of diabetes, then it is recommended to get an hbA1c test every three years. For people who might have insulin resistance, cardiac conditions or any diseases affecting their immune system, a glucose fasting test is suggested. For the proper diagnosis of type 1 or type 2 diabetes, blood sugar tests are recommended. Max Lab offers an at-home sample collection of these sugar tests and accurate results for efficient prognosis.

A random blood sugar helps in detecting type 1 diabetes. On the other hand, type 2 diabetes and prediabetes are best diagnosed by glucose fasting and hbA1c tests. Women at risk of diabetes during pregnancy are recommended to get a gestational diabetes screening test. Keeping these factors in consideration, Max Lab offers a reasonably-priced blood sugar test with an at-home sample collection and fast results.

First of all, the effects may depend on the type of diabetes one might have. Excessive hunger, excessive thirst, frequent urination, and fatigue could be some of the common effects across the three main types of diabetes i.e. type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy). However, sometimes there may be no visible effects. To be certain, it would be better to get a sugar test done at a reputed lab. Max Lab is offering blood sugar tests at reasonable prices with timely and accurate results.

The ideal time to get a diabetes blood test done is in the morning, on an empty stomach. This is also known as a fasting blood sugar test. This test gives a baseline to see any fluctuations in the blood sugar levels in the body. Another preferable time to get blood tests done for diabetes is, 2 hours post-meal, as the food consumed has a larger effect on glucose levels. It also helps in determining the after-meal glucose range. For individuals who take insulin, multiple tests during the day are recommended. However, it would ideal to consult the physician or the lab professional regarding the timings of the recommended tests.

Several preventive measures can help an individual to reduce or avoid the risk of diabetes. Being physically active is the first and foremost step such as going out for walks, swimming, yoga, etc. Then, the intake of water should be increased while cutting down on beverages with a high amount of sugar. Also, one can increase the consumption of fibre enriched food for better gut health and weight management. It may also help in preventing any spike in blood sugar and insulin levels. Large portions of food should also be avoided. Instead, small portions with complex carbohydrates should be included in the diet plan to keep the blood sugar levels in control.

Apart from adapting to a healthy lifestyle, opting for a regular diabetic profile test may help the individual in taking control of the condition. Especially for adults who are above 45 years of age, a diabetic profile test may ensure health while detecting any vitamins and minerals scarcity in the body.


A diabetes test at home can help in monitoring the blood sugar levels in the body. There are kits available in the market. However, for accurate results, it is recommended to get diabetes tests done from a reputed lab. Max Lab is offering diabetes tests at reasonable prices with the provision of home sample collection. It can be an easier and better alternative to home diabetes testing kits.

Though it’s hard to diagnose diabetes with just symptoms, still one can look for subtle signs to get a hold of the condition such as increased hunger and thirst, dry mouth frequent urination etc. However, a better option would be to get a proper diabetes test done at a lab. Max Lab is offering affordably-priced diabetes tests that provide a detailed report of the blood glucose levels and other vital organs of the body.

Diabetes or blood sugar test refers to a panel of tests that are performed to measure the level of glucose in the blood. A diabetes test can help diagnose conditions like diabetes or prediabetes, assess the risk of developing such conditions and moni Read More

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