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IL-6 Advance Panel Test Price in Delhi

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The IL-6 Advance Panel comprises of the following tests:

  1. IL-6: IL6 Test helps in detecting the elevating level of IL-6, sequentially, predicting a respiratory failure.
  2. D-Dimer: D-Dimer, also known as D-dimer, is a small protein portion present in the blood or made when a blood clot dissolves in the body. A D-Dimer test is prescribed by doctors to detect disorders related to blood clotting.
  3. CRP: A CRP test is a reliable way to measure inflammations in the body. A CRP level can also tell whether the inflammations are acute like allergic reactions or chronic like diabetes. 
  4. CBC: A CBC (Complete Blood Count) test reviews the overall health of a patient. It may also be advised for a complete blood count as a part of the routine medical examination. 
  5. Ferritin: This test helps detect iron deficiency in the body and in the diagnosis of several conditions like anaemia and restless leg syndrome. The ferritin test measures the levels of the blood protein, ferritin, which is responsible for storing iron in the body.
  6. PT INR: Used to diagnose bleeding issues, the PT INR tests calculate how long the blood takes to form a clot. Expanded as Prothombin Time International Normalized Ratio, the test is also used to monitor the effectiveness of the treatment of bleeding disorders and treatments involving blood thinners.
  7. LFT: The Liver Function Test measures the levels of proteins, enzymes, and bilirubin in the blood to determine the health of the liver.
  8. LDH: An LDH (Lactate Dehydrogenase) test helps detect conditions like tissue damage, liver disease, etc.

Test Includes:

CBC (Complete Blood Count), Prothrombin Time (with INR), D-Dimer, Interleukin -6 (IL-6), CRP- C-REACTIVE PROTEIN, Liver Function Test Profile, LDH (Lactate Dehydrogenase) Total , Ferritin

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