Max Lab Strengths

Max Lab by Max Healthcare aims at achieving the highest level of excellence with quality results. The labs are operational 24x7 and are equipped with fully automated state-of-art technology and infrastructure. Our standardized processes and protocols, in-hospital presence, clinical interaction and feedback ensure round-the-clock stringent quality monitoring.

  1. Experience and Expertise :  We evaluate over 70,00,000 samples every year with an access to sample quantities not readily available to most institutions. We deliver critical insights through facts, analyses and trends at both the macro and micro level.
  2. Broad Menu of Specialised and Complex Tests : At the core of our expertise is the ability to provide our patients with an extensive and ever-growing portfolio of cutting-edge and routine testing for a wide range of disease states. Our capability enables us to quickly and easily move from a sound diagnostic course of action to confident decision making for improved patient care.
  3. Bi-directionally Interfaced Labs We have high end, fully automated bidirectionally interfaced, IT integrated and interconnected Labs across Max Healthcare.
  4. Biosafety Level-III (BSL-III) Facility : Max Lab at Saket, Delhi has Bio safety Level–III (BSLIII) facility to carry out high-end molecular biology tests. The sample collection is done using vacutainers and all samples are bar-coded to maintain the sample identity.