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Wellwise Total Plus Test

Includes 87 tests
Complete Haemogram
Blood Sugar Fasting
Glycosylated Haemoglobin (HbA1C)
Lipid Profile
KFT Profile with Calcium
+10 More


Sample type :

EDTA Fluoride Plasma EDTA Routine Serum Uric Acid Serum CRP- C-REACTIVE PROTEIN Urine Routine And Microscopy

Report Generation time - Same Day
Pre-Test Info - Overnight Fasting is Mandatory
Description - Good health and good life go hand in hand, and getting regular full body checkups done ....Read More

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Wellwise Total Profile is a full body checkup package that provides a detailed analysis of internal organs, tissues, and enzymes. There are 77 blood tests included in this package including complete blood count, lipid profile, live function test profile, thyroid profile, blood sugar fasting, etc. This full-body checkup package is available at Max Lab, Mumbai at cost-effective prices.

The Wellwise Total Body checkup is a full-body checkup package that helps in detecting underlying health conditions related to the blood, internal organs, bodily fluids, etc. The onset of any disease can be easily diagnosed with this preventive health package as it includes 77 tests that provide an in-depth assessment of an individual’s physiological health. 

The cost of a full-body checkup in Mumbai depends on multiple factors. Firstly, the number of tests included in a health package help in determining its price. Along with this, the location and services offered are also important criteria. To know the exact costs of health packages offered by Max Lab, please visit https://www.maxlab.co.in/full-body-health-checkup.

If you are getting a health checkup done, it is best to check with the diagnostic centre to know about the entire process before the sample collection. In some cases, overnight fasting is mandatory. However, it is not compulsory in every full body checkup. Thus, it is suggested that you speak with the diagnostic centre or consult your physician beforehand. 

Max Lab offers the most comprehensive full body checkups in various cities across the country. Wellwise Total Profile is among the best health checkup packages because there are more than 77 tests included. These tests offer a detailed analysis of all internal organs and enzymes of an individual. Be it the complete blood count, blood sugar fasting, lipid profile or urine routine test, thyroid profile, this health package helps in monitoring an individual’s internal health.

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