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An Insight into Full Body Check-Up Packages

An Insight into Full Body Check-Up Packages

Max Lab

Jul 11, 2022

Men, women, or senior citizens – everyone should make a regular complete body check-up a part of their lifestyle. A full body check-up offers a number of benefits, including offering a comprehensive view of a person’s health to enable them to live a healthy lifestyle.

What is a Full Body Check-Up?

A complete body check-up includes a number of tests that are performed to check the entire body and internal organs to assess the current status of one’s overall health and to screen for risk factors of health conditions or warning signs of abnormalities. Which tests a full body check-up includes varies from person to person, but everyone should ensure they undergo a full body check-up at least once a year.

The Importance of Full Body Check-Ups

An individual’s lifestyle plays an important role in determining their overall health. A Full body check-up includes a list of tests to monitor and screen the health of a person. Most full body check-up packages focus on multiple parameters to provide deep insight into how the organs are functioning if there are any deficiencies that need to be addressed and more.

Benefits of an Advanced Full Body Check-Up

A complete body check-up offers a huge number of benefits, including:

Keeps Track of One’s Health

A complete body check-up allows for early detection, analysis, and management of health issues even before they become serious conditions. To make things easier, one can also opt to get a complete body check-up at home these days, where the necessary sample collections will be done at a location of one’s choice.

Manage or Delay the Onset of Genetic Conditions

The test list of a whole-body check-up can be personalised for individuals who have high-risk factors for developing genetic conditions to help with the detection of early signs of the condition or to manage the same.

Reduce Healthcare Costs

What is included in a full body check-up is an important part of preventative healthcare. As these check-ups help diagnose conditions in their early stages, full body check-ups can help avoid heavier medical bills, which would be unavoidable in case a condition progressed to more serious stages.

Disease and Recovery Management

Apart from early detection, the list of tests in a whole-body check-up also aids the management of various health conditions and recovery plans. A full body check-up can help healthcare providers determine the efficacy of treatment plans. It can also be used to monitor recovery.

What is Included in a Full Body Check-Up?

A full-body check-up includes a variety of tests and panels that offer an insight into an individual’s health. The list of tests in a whole-body check-up generally includes a lipid profile, cardiac panel, kidney and liver function tests, thyroid profile, blood sugar level, uric acid levels, essential vitamins and minerals deficiency tests, etc. With multiple parameters being checked, an internal body check-up provides a holistic insight into one’s health status and helps keep track of the right markers for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here’s more information about some of the basic tests that a full body check-up includes:

Complete Blood Count

A Complete Blood Count test or CBC measures the various components of blood, including RBCs, WBCs, haemoglobin, haematocrit, and blood platelets.

Diabetes Panel

A diabetes panel test includes several tests that are performed to measure a person's blood sugar levels to screen for diabetes. Blood sugar fasting test, fluoride plasma, HbA1C test, and EDTA are some of the tests that are included in a diabetes panel.

Heart Health Tests

Heart health tests check the levels of various cardiac biomarkers in the blood, including certain enzymes, proteins, and hormones. The tests also measure the total cholesterol level, triglycerides, and serum levels.

Thyroid Tests

Thyroid health tests are the best way to measure the level of TSH in a blood sample. Thyroid health tests are a series of blood tests that are performed to determine how well the thyroid gland is functioning by measuring the number of thyroid hormones in the blood.

Kidney Function Tests

Generally, a full body check-up also includes a Kidney Function Test or KFT, which is performed to evaluate the functioning of the kidneys by evaluating the levels of creatinine, urea, and other biomarkers in the body.

Urine Infection Tests

A urine infection test is performed to detect the presence of bacteria in a urine sample and to identify the germs that may be causing infections of the urinary tract.

Liver Function Tests

The Liver Function Test or LFT is performed to measure the levels of different enzymes, proteins, and other substances that are produced by the liver. 

What a full body check-up does include may vary from person to person, based on their individual health, family history, risk factors, etc. However, it is crucial that a person should go for a complete body check-up regularly to set a benchmark for a consistent way of wellness, and to identify any risk factors or conditions in their early stages before they develop into something serious.

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