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How To Choose Your Health Checkup Package

How To Choose Your Health Checkup Package

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May 13, 2022

While exercising, maintaining a balanced diet, and following good lifestyle habits are important, for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, going for a regular health checkup to keep a tab on the vitals and the organ health is also necessary. Regular health checkups help reduce the risk of getting sick and in getting timely treatment for any underlying medical condition. Buying a health checkup package for the family or for the self is one of the best ways to include a full checkup into the schedule. There are many benefits of opting for a complete health checkup package at least once a year or based on the doctor’s recommendation depending on one’s health, risk factors, lifestyle, etc. However, there are many types of health checkup packages in India that one can choose from, which is why one must take various factors into account before choosing the best health checkup package for themselves or their family.

Benefits of Health Checkup Packages

Our health is the most valuable asset we possess, and health checkups help us keep diseases at bay and help diagnose symptoms at early stages. Regular health checkups ensure that the body is functioning well and keep individuals apprised of what is happening inside their bodies. While the benefits of regular health checkups cannot be denied, here’s more on why one should consider offers for health checkup packages:

  • Comprehensive Overview of Personal Health

There are several types of complete health checkup packages available that are designed for people who do not have any prominent health issues or risk factors. These packages help make the regular health checkup affordable and include basic but comprehensive tests that determine one’s overall health condition and organ health. Anomalies noticed in such checkups help with the early detection of risk factors or health conditions that a person may develop down the line, allowing doctors to suggest preventative measures and changes help a person avoid complications later.

  • Helps with Diagnosis or Management of Particular Issues

There are several types of health packages that are specifically designed for particular health conditions or risk factors. If a person is at high risk for a particular lifestyle or genetic disease, they can opt for the best specialised health checkup packages that can help track the progression of the condition or detect its development at an early stage. These packages can also help manage the condition, checking how a particular treatment plan is working.

  • Save Money

Packages make a health checkup more affordable as they include several types of tests and checks under a single panel, which of course costs less than a collection of different tests chosen separately. A person also does not have to give several samples for testing as a single blood or urine sample is used across the board for the tests. It also streamlines the entire checkup as along with a single sample collection, one also gets a comprehensive report, which makes it easier for the doctor as well to perform a diagnosis.

How to Choose the Right Health Checkup Package for the Family or Self?

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to choosing the best health checkup packages, which is also why there are so many options available in the same. There are packages for women and men of different ages, regular health check packages, for senior citizens, for people with diabetes, and so on. There are several factors that must be considered to ensure the selection of the right health checkup package:

  • Know Your Health Requirements

Before going for a complete health checkup package, one must know which tests they want to go for based on their age, health and gender. It is a good idea to consult a doctor for the same, who would be able to analyse one’s requirements and needs and suggest the tests they should go for.

  • Look for a NABL Accredited Lab

The next step would be to find the right diagnostics lab to get the tests performed. The lab should be well-reputed, have good reviews, and should have a widespread network, making it easy for one to find a lab near where they live. It is also important to look for a NABL accredited lab for accurate and reliable test results and that the pathology lab is also equipped with modern state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure and a team of experienced doctors and pathologists.

  • Choose the Right Health Checkup Package

The next step should be exploring the health checkup packages offered by the lab for the family as well as individuals. One needs to find the right package, based on the tests that have been prescribed to them by the doctor. It’s important to find a package that covers all the requisite tests and no extra frivolous tests.

  • Compare Prices

Ensure the lab offers health checkup packages at government-mandated prices. Do not just look for cheap packages. Instead, look for affordable packages that include what is needed and compare with the facilities and benefits on offer.

  • Look for Home Sample Collection and Other Facility

Home sample collection facilities are offered by many diagnostics labs and is something one can look for, for enhanced ease in getting the tests performed. Other than this, other facilities that enhance ease include the availability of reports online, online consultation with a doctor, etc.

With early detection of diseases, proper management of health conditions, and much more to offer as benefits, including health checkup packages into your lifestyle can go a long way in helping live healthier.

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