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The Wellwise Total All Day test package by Max Lab provides a comprehensive way of diagnosing bodily conditions in order to prevent chronic disorders and diseases at an early stage. Recommended for all age groups, Wellwise Total All Day is a comprehensive health check package by Max Lab that is specially designed for people who want to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Key Benefits of the Full Body Checkup

Apart from providing an in-depth analysis of various bodily functions, this health screening package also covers thorough screening of bone health, cellular and nervous. This health test package: 

  • Helps in diagnosing a disease before it advances to a critical stage. 
  • Motivates an individual to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Why is this Full body Checkup Recommended?

Going for the Wellwise Total All Day Test by Max Lab annually is recommended by doctors to ensure an individual has a healthy lifestyle. This full-body health checkup helps in defining the current health condition and ruling out underlying health problems before they aggravate. It also provides an in-depth analysis of various bodily functions to evaluate the health status thoroughly. And the best part is that this checkup can be done at any time during the day. There is no fasting required either.

Test Includes:

Complete Haemogram, Blood Sugar (Random), Glycosylated Haemoglobin (HbA1C), Thyroid Profile*, KFT Profile with Calcium, Inorganic Phosphorus, Liver Function Test Profile, Lipid Profile, 25 Hydroxy Vitamin D Level, Vitamin B12, Urine Routine And Microscopy

Reporting :

Same Day *

Test Price:

₹ 3200

Price ₹ 3200


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