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Blood Grouping and RH Factor Test

Also Known as: Blood Group Test, Blood Group Check
Blood Group
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Description - A blood group test is used to find out the exact blood type of an individual. It is often done in case the person is in need of blood. It is important to match the blood type in order to avoid any health-related issues. You can look for a blood group check near me or a blood group test lab near me if you are planning to get a blood group test. Overview Blood Group Test A blood group test is do ....Read More

Antenatal Profile

Includes Blood Grouping and RH Factor & 6 other tests

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Includes Blood Grouping and RH Factor & 4 other tests

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Max IVF Couple-Routine Profile

Includes Blood Grouping and RH Factor & 4 other tests

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Antenatal Plus Package

Includes Blood Grouping and RH Factor & -1 other tests

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ANC Profile

Includes Blood Grouping and RH Factor & 10 other tests

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

One of the primary challenges with blood group testing is that it only provides information about the antigens and antibodies present in your blood - it doesn't reveal any other medical conditions or issues you may be experiencing.

Before this process takes place, it is important that the individual has not eaten anything for at least 8 hours prior to taking the test. Additionally, they should avoid drinking alcohol or taking any medications that could alter their blood results.


The aim of a blood grouping test is to determine the specific type of antigen present on an individual's red blood cells. This information is crucial because it helps medical professionals identify which types of blood can be safely transfused between individuals during surgery or in emergency situations.


Blood group tests are generally very accurate, with a low margin of error. They are reliable in identifying an individual's blood type and Rh factor. However, errors can occur due to various factors such as the use of expired reagents or equipment malfunctioning.


On rare occasions, a person's blood group may change due to medical conditions such as cancer or autoimmune diseases. These conditions can cause changes in the proteins found on red blood cells, which determine an individual’s ABO and Rh factors.


The answer is yes. Blood type inheritance follows a specific pattern that's based on multiple genes inherited from both parents. For example, if both parents have type O blood, their child will also have type O blood because it's a recessive trait.


It is essential to inform your healthcare provider if you are taking any medications or have any medical conditions that could impact your results. Additionally, lifestyle factors such as smoking or alcohol consumption may also affect your blood tests.


About This Test

A blood group test is used to find out the exact blood type of an individual. It is often done in case the person is in need of blood. Why is the Blood Group Test Prescribed? Doctors may ask you
....Read More

Queries about this test

#1 Blood group test procedure

Ans: Once at the lab or hospital, a Max Lab technician will clean an area on your arm and insert a needle into one of your veins. The amount of blood taken varies depending on why you're being tested it might be just enough to fill a single vial or more if additional tests are needed.

#2 Blood group test name

Ans: The most commonly used blood group test names include ABO blood typing, Rh factor testing, and antibody screening. The ABO blood typing test determines the presence or absence of antigens on red blood cells that determine your blood type- A, B, AB or O.

#3 Blood group test kaise hota hai

Ans: प्रक्रिया उस क्षेत्र की सफाई से शुरू होती है जहां सुई डाली जाएगी एक एंटीसेप्टिक समाधान के साथ। एक फ्लेबोटोमिस्ट तब आपकी एक नस में, आमतौर पर आपकी बांह में एक बाँझ सुई डालता है, और एक ट्यूब में थोड़ी मात्रा में ब्लड एकत्र करता है

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