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Wellwise and “Covid IgG Qualitative Antibody” Detection profile Test Price in Noida

Parameter Included: 71

The key to a good life is good health. With Wellwise and “Covid IgG Qualitative Antibody” Detection profile test package by Max Lab, you can address the potential health risks, especially in the times of COVID-19, which has put the immunity at great risk. Apart from the detection of a viral infection, this Wellwise package helps in maintaining good health by monitoring the vital stats.

Benefits of Opting for this Wellwise Package

Apart from helping detect several health conditions, Wellwise and the “Covid IgG Qualitative Antibody” Detection Profile test helps in detecting the presence of coronavirus in an individual and the early diagnosis of the disease. This, in turn, lets you take a proactive course of action in terms of the treatment and the precautions you need to follow.

Why is this Wellwise Package Recommended? 

This Covid IgG antibody test by Max Lab comprises of periodic check-ups. It helps to increase the chances of effective treatment and cure while also helping you save on the expenses that come along with medical treatments. 

Test Includes:

Complete Haemogram, Vitamin B12, Inorganic Phosphorus, Blood Sugar Fasting, Glycosylated Haemoglobin (HbA1C), Lipid Profile, Thyroid Profile*, Liver Function Test Profile, KFT Profile with Calcium, 25 Hydroxy Vitamin D Level, Covid 19 IgG Antibody (Qualitative), Urine Routine And Microscopy

Preparation :

Overnight Fasting Mandatory

Reporting :

Within 24 Hrs after sample collection *

Test Price:

₹ 3400

Price ₹ 3400


Parameter Included


Doctor Consultation


Test booked so far


Report Time

Within 24 Hrs after sample collection

Fasting Time

Overnight Fasting Mandatory

Test Recommended for


Recommended for age

All Age Groups

Covid Safety


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