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Packed Cell Volume (PCV) Test

Packed Cell, Volume
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Description - Packed Cell Volume is a simple blood test that helps measure the proportion of RBCs in the blood. The measurement done by the PCV blood test indicates the viscosity or thickness of the blood. Having too many or too few red blood cells in the PCV blood test can indicate certain diseases. Overview of the PCV Blood Test Human blood comprises three ....Read More

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The Packed Cell Volume Test, also known as hematocrit test or HCT, is a diagnostic test that measures the percentage of red blood cells (RBCs) in a given volume of blood. 


PCV or Packed Cell Volume test can be of two types - manual and automated.

  1.  Manual - Manual PCV is also known as hematocrit, which involves separating the red blood cells from the plasma by centrifugation. 
  2. Automated -  Automated PCV makes use of specialized machines to perform the test, where it measures and calculates results based on electrical impedance technology. 


One of the primary reasons for conducting a PCV test is to diagnose anemia. Anemia is a condition where there are not enough RBCs in circulation, which leads to reduced oxygen delivery throughout the body.


  • Firstly, ensure that all the equipment used for measuring PCV is clean and free from any contamination.
  • Secondly, make sure that you collect blood samples correctly. Blood should be collected using sterile needles and syringes to avoid contamination. 
  • Thirdly, use anticoagulants properly when collecting blood samples if needed. Anticoagulants like EDTA are commonly used in laboratories to stop blood from clotting during testing. 

When there are fewer red blood cells than necessary, oxygen cannot be transported effectively throughout the body. As a result, organs and tissues may not receive an adequate supply of oxygen needed for proper functioning.


When the PCV is high, blood becomes thicker and more viscous which increases its resistance to flow through small vessels. This can lead to complications like clots forming inside blood vessels which can cause heart attacks or strokes.


One of the factors that can affect the PCV test results is blood loss. When an individual suffers from bleeding due to injury, illness or surgery, it is natural for their packed cell volume levels to decrease. This happens because the amount of red blood cells in circulation decreases with every drop of lost blood.


About This Test

Packed Cell Volume is a simple blood test that helps measure the proportion of RBCs in the blood. When is the PCV Blood Test Prescribed? The PCV test is generally prescribed by a doctor when a p
....Read More

Queries about this test

#1 PCV test full form

Ans: The full form of PCV is Packed Cell Volume.

#2 PCV test normal range

Ans: For adult males, a normal range would be between 38-50%, while for females it's between 34-44%. For children and infants, the normal ranges may differ slightly.

#3 PCV test means

Ans: The PCV test, also known as hematocrit or packed cell volume test, measures the proportion of red blood cells (RBCs) in your blood. The term "PCV" stands for "packed cell volume," which refers to the percentage of whole blood that is occupied by RBCs.

#4 PCV test meaning in hindi

Ans: पीसीवी टेस्ट, जिसे हेमेटोक्रिट या पैक्ड सेल वॉल्यूम टेस्ट के रूप में भी जाना जाता है, आपके ब्लड में लाल ब्लड कोशिकाओं (आरबीसी) के अनुपात को मापता है। शब्द "पीसीवी" का अर्थ "पैक्ड सेल वॉल्यूम" है, जो आरबीसी द्वारा कब्जा किए गए पूरे ब्लड के प्रतिशत को संदर्भित करता है।

#5 PCV test procedure

Ans: To perform this test, a Max Lab healthcare professional will draw a small amount of blood from your vein using a needle. Before the procedure, you may be asked to fast for several hours or avoid certain medications to ensure accurate results. Once the sample has been collected, it will be sent to a laboratory for analysis.

#6 PCV test in pregnancy

Ans: It is crucial for pregnant women to monitor their PCV (packed cell volume) or hematocrit levels regularly. A low PCV level may indicate anemia, which can cause fatigue and other complications during pregnancy.

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