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Cyclosporine,Trough level (C0),Whole Blood EDTA Test

Cyclosporine,Trough level (C0)
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Cyclosporine,Peak level (C2),Whole Blood EDTA Test

Includes Cyclosporine,Trough level (C0),Whole Blood EDTA & -1 other tests

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The cyclosporine trough level test is a diagnostic tool used to measure the amount of cyclosporine in your blood at its lowest point, just before your next dose. It helps doctors determine whether you are receiving the right dosage and if it is being properly absorbed by your body.

This test is crucial in determining whether a patient has reached therapeutic levels of the drug or if adjustments need to be made to their dosage. It helps healthcare professionals monitor how effectively the medication is being absorbed by the body and how well it is managing immune system responses.

When the cyclosporine level in your body is too high, it can lead to a variety of complications. One possible effect of elevated levels is an increased risk of toxicity. Cyclosporine is primarily metabolized by the liver, and when there is an excess amount circulating in your bloodstream, it can put strain on this vital organ.

The cyclosporine trough level is an important measure of the drug concentration in the blood at its lowest point, just before the next dose is taken. This measurement provides valuable information about how well a patient's body is absorbing and metabolizing cyclosporine.

When the cyclosporine level in your body is low, it can indicate that you are not receiving enough of the medication to effectively manage your condition. This could be due to a variety of factors such as poor absorption, drug interactions, or non-compliance with the prescribed dosage.

Doctors recommend checking the cyclosporine trough level just before your next dose. This point in time allows for an accurate assessment of how much drug remains in your system at its lowest concentration, known as the "trough" level.

The normal range for cyclosporine in whole blood varies depending on individual factors such as weight, age, and overall health. Your healthcare provider will interpret these results based on various factors specific to you.

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