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Random Blood Sugar Tests Can Help Predict The Risk of Future Diabetes

Random Blood Sugar Tests Can Help Predict The Risk of Future Diabetes

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May 18, 2022

The human body utilises glucose to perform various functions. Several blood tests are used to measure the glucose level in the blood. The human body stores energy in the form of glucose, also known as sugar. The body uses glucose as a fuel to charge the internal organs and perform regular work. Usually, the blood sugar level is in the normal range, but it gets elevated for several reasons. When the blood sugar level is higher or lower than usual, there are chances of certain medical conditions. For instance, if the blood sugar level shoots up, it indicates the risk of diabetes while low blood sugar may lead to slurred speech, blurred vision, drowsiness, difficulty concentrating, and so on.

A random blood sugar test is done to measure the insulin level in the blood at any point of the day. Fasting before the test is not required for the procedure of blood sample collection for this test. The blood sample is taken by a medical professional and is used for performing the test. A blood sugar test is used for several reasons, such as predicting the chances of diabetes in high-risk people, diabetes management, and a precautionary test for pregnant women with high chances of diabetes.

What is a Random Blood Sugar Test?

A random blood sugar test is required to measure the amount of glucose in the blood. This test is conducted by pricking the tip of the finger to draw blood. A health practitioner recommends this test in the case of early symptoms of diabetes like frequent urination, increased thirst, tingling sensation in the feet, and blurry vision. A person does not need to fast before getting the test done.

Why is a Random Sugar Test Prescribed?

A random blood sugar test is usually prescribed by doctors to check the blood sugar level of a person who is at high risk of diabetes. This helps in the diagnosis of type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Another reason for getting this test done is to carefully monitor the level of glucose of a diabetic person to check if it’s in the normal range. This enables health professionals to provide appropriate medication and diabetes care treatment.

Importance of Random Blood Sugar Testing

In a normal person without any health conditions, the glucose level in the blood is managed by the action of insulin. The body uses blood sugar as a source of energy. The random sugar test of such an individual remains relatively stable. There won’t be much fluctuation even if the person varies diets, experiences acute stress, or eats at different timings throughout the day.

For Predicting Future Diabetes Risk

In people with prediabetes or diabetes risk, there is a significant fluctuation in the glucose level throughout the day. Such individuals need to take a routine blood sugar test to keep their blood sugar levels in check. It is important to know what the body is indicating and act accordingly.

A random blood sugar test is highly effective in predicting the development of pre-diabetes and diabetes accurately. It is crucial to stop the further development of this health condition by taking preventive measures. A random glucose level of over 200 mg/dl indicates a high risk of diabetes.

For Diabetes Management

For a person already diagnosed with diabetes, the glucose level in their blood at any random time can vary widely over the course of the day. A random plasma glucose test is important for diabetes management and providing better treatment for the person. The acceptable range of these tests' results indicates that the treatment is working well for the person. A huge fluctuation in the blood sugar level means there is a need for changes in the diabetes management plan.

For Pregnant Woman

A doctor may prescribe a random blood sugar test to a pregnant woman who is at high risk of diabetes. Normally, the blood sugar level during pregnancy is lower due to hormonal changes. A doctor recommends getting blood sugar level tests to check if the glucose levels are in the normal range. If the random glucose level of the pregnant woman is in the target range, then there is no need to get worried. If it's higher than usual, the doctor suggests the required course of action.

When to Get a Random Blood Sugar Test

A person can get this test done when a doctor prescribes a random blood test. Usually, a doctor evaluates diabetes risk factors in a person and then prescribes this test.

Some of the risk factors associated with diabetes are:

A random glucose test is a part of diabetes prevention treatment. Doctors analyse the test reports and suggest precautionary actions for how to prevent diabetes.

A random plasma glucose test can be performed at the convenience of the person. One can call the professional at home for the blood sample collection or simply visit a nearby Max Lab. This test does not need much preparation.


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