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What is World Health Day & Its Importance

What is World Health Day & Its Importance

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Apr 05, 2024

International Health Day, also known as World Health Day, is a global event observed every year on April 7th. It is organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and aims to highlight certain issues in the healthcare industry. In addition to that, it includes several events that help raise awareness about the health issues of needy and underprivileged people around the world. As a result, these issues can be addressed in a better way to improve health around the world.

About World Health Day

The history of World Health Day dates back to December 1945. This was when government officials from Brazil and China proposed the creation of an international health organization. This entity was supposed to be independent, with absolutely no influence from any country’s government.

A few months later, in July 1946, the constitution of such an entity was approved, and a total of 61 countries signed an agreement. And that’s how the World Health Organisation came into existence on April 7, 1948. Designating a fixed day as World Health Day was among the first few official acts of the WHO as an entity. Earlier, in 1949, the date of the World Health Day celebration was July 22. But later, it was changed, and now April 7 is the fixed date for World Health Day.

After that, in 1950, the World Health Organisation started using a special theme for each year’s celebration. Since then, a number of issues have been picked to set the tone for the day. This theme is selected by the current WHO Director-General each year, using the suggestions given by different officials.

The Importance of the World Health Day Celebration

World Health Day holds huge significance because it provides an opportunity to focus on important health issues and challenges. It creates awareness about these things among individuals, communities, and government authorities. As a part of World Health Day, several programs are launched that continue for some time after April 7 as well. This helps to ensure that appropriate actions are being taken to improve outcomes and promote overall well-being worldwide.

Here are a few other benefits that make this day crucial for global health:

  • Increased awareness about issues and challenges in the medical field.
  • Promoting equity in terms of quality healthcare facilities.
  • Encouraging individuals to adopt healthier lifestyle habits.
  • Fostering collaboration between governments, NGOs, and healthcare professionals.
  • Acknowledging any advancements in healthcare and disease prevention

World Health Day 2024 Theme

Every year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) picks a specific aspect of the wellness and medical world to be highlighted. This can be anything ranging from mental health to health insurance and everything in between. This year’s theme of World Health Day is ‘My health, my right’, which emphasises a fundamental human right: access to quality healthcare.

This theme was picked to ensure that everyone, everywhere, is being provided with quality healthcare facilities and other basic necessities like clean air and drinking water, good nutrition, etc. World Health Day 2024 will also focus on ensuring that people have access to basic health education and other relevant information that helps them lead a healthy life.

This theme also aims to address issues like:

  • Universal Health Coverage
  • Quality Healthcare
  • Empowering Individuals with Important Information
  • Building Equitable Health Systems

Key Messages of World Health Day 2024

Like every year, this year’s World Health Day celebration also has a few key messages, which are:

For Public

  • Know your health rights.
  • Make decisions about your own health.
  • Protect your right to health as a basic human right.
  • Promote the right to health as an intrinsic pillar of our broader human rights.
  • Champion health as a priority.

For Governments

  • Every ministry can and should legislate to realise the right to health across various sectors.
  • Make significant investments to scale up primary healthcare.
  • Deliver on the right to health by making quality healthcare services accessible for everyone, everywhere.
  • Reorient all the health systems around primary health care.
  • Champion transparency and accountability in the healthcare field.
  • Know the health needs of populations and act on them.
  • Safeguard the right to health in war and conflict.

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