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Importance of Ferritin Test: Meaning, Purpose, and Normal Level

Importance of Ferritin Test: Meaning, Purpose, and Normal Level

Max Lab

Aug 06, 2022

A ferritin test is a blood test that checks the level of ferritin in the body. It is recommended by medical professionals to keep track of the iron level in the blood.

What is Serum Ferritin?

Ferritin is an important protein in the body that is responsible for storing and releasing iron when the body requires it. As iron is required by the body for making red blood cells and carrying oxygen, ferritin is always needed in trace quantities for important bodily functions. This mineral is not naturally produced in the body, so humans depend on dietary supplements to fulfil its requirements. Iron from the food items is mostly used in the haemoglobin of red blood cells and a small amount is stored as serum ferritin. Other uses of iron in the body are the production of proteins like myoglobin and some enzymes. Usually, ferritin is present in the liver, bone marrow, and spleen. If the ferritin level is depleted in the body, then it can cause iron deficiency anaemia.

What is Ferritin Test?

A ferritin blood test is used to determine the level of ferritin in the blood. This test is highly useful in finding any changes in the iron level in the human body. One can find out if one has a low or high ferritin level in the blood from ferritin test results. An abnormal ferritin level in the body indicates an underlying health condition in a person. If a person exhibits any signs of iron deficiency, the doctor will order a ferritin test along with other tests such as total iron-binding capacity, CBC, and anaemia.

When is Ferritin Test Prescribed?

As already discussed, a ferritin test is prescribed when a person has visible signs of iron deficiency. Some of the common symptoms indicating low ferritin levels include:

A medical practitioner may suggest a person a ferritin test if they suspect a high ferritin level in the blood. Some of the common symptoms indicating an increased level of ferritin are:

This test is also prescribed to check the overall health of a person.

Causes of Abnormal Ferritin Levels

Reasons for Low Ferritin Levels

Low ferritin levels are caused by insufficient iron in the body. If a person does not have a balanced diet and consumes foods that have little to no iron, then it can lead to a decrease in the ferritin level in the body.

Another common reason for low levels of ferritin can be a lack of sufficient red blood cells in the body to attach the iron. This condition is called anaemia. Besides this, internal blood loss and abdominal conditions can also lead to a low ferritin level in the blood.

In women, the fluctuation in the ferritin level is also affected by excessive loss of blood during the menstruation period.

Reasons for High Ferritin Levels

High ferritin levels can be a result of several health conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, hemochromatosis, leukaemia, liver disease, and hyperthyroidism. Usually, when a body part has swelled, the ferritin level may increase. This is one of the reasons for the high ferritin levels of liver patients and some cancer patients. The most common reasons for the shooting up of ferritin levels in the body are alcohol consumption, obesity, swelling, and an unhealthy lifestyle. 

It is important to keep ferritin levels in the normal range to lead a healthy life and avoid severe medical conditions.

Ferritin Test Result Evaluation

The ferritin test can be booked online from the Max Lab's website. The ferritin test does not cost much as all the tests at Max Lab are affordably priced and are within the reach of every individual. We have successfully conducted several tests, including the ferritin test in COVID, and given 100% accurate results. One can search for the nearest Max Lab centre around their locality or can schedule the test for at-home sample collection. A phlebotomist visits the home and takes the blood sample to the test centre. The entire process does not take much time. One can visit the official website of Max Lab to download the test report and show it to the doctor.

If the ferritin level is not in the normal range, then the doctor may ask them to undergo several other tests to confirm the condition. It is important to take advice from a certified doctor regarding any medical condition.


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