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Parameter Included: 74

The Wellwise Advanced full body checkup offers a comprehensive way of diagnosing internal body conditions that helps in preventing and treating chronic disorders and diseases.

Recommended for people of all age groups, Wellwise Advanced Profile Test by Max Lab has been designed by experienced doctors and pathologists to provide people with the best diagnostic solutions. For women, these tests can help diagnose medical conditions that can be due to changes in their anatomy. Similarly, men can benefit from an advanced health checkup of the whole body to measure the levels of several enzymes. As for senior citizens, the need for a thorough medical analysis is paramount. Due to ageing and pre-existing diseases, their internal organs should be checked in a timely manner. 

Key Benefits of This Full Body Checkup 

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Wellwise Advanced Profile Test by Max Lab is prescribed by physicians and specialists.

  • There can be underlying issues that do not come to light in their initial phase and require timely eradication. So, it is important to get a health checkup that provides detailed information about bodily functions.
  • These biochemistry tests are done in accredited laboratories with advanced technology that offer accurate body checkup results. Hence, people can consult their doctors with precise details about their health. 

Why is a Full Body Checkup Recommended? 

In today’s times, being healthy is one of the major goals for a lot of people. But with busy daily schedules, getting sufficient time to concentrate on personal health can be very difficult. But this does not mean that people cannot take care of themselves efficiently. An advanced full body checkup is one of the best ways to keep yourself healthy all year round. This is mainly because of the comprehensive testing of several bodily fluids and organs provided in the Wellwise Advanced Profile Test package by Max Lab. Highly trained technicians and pathologists ensure that the test reports provide precise analysis for further diagnosis.

Test Includes:

Complete Haemogram, Blood Sugar Fasting, Glycosylated Haemoglobin (HbA1C), KFT Profile with Calcium, Inorganic Phosphorus, Lipid Profile, Thyroid Profile*, Liver Function Test Profile, Urine Routine And Microscopy

Preparation :

Overnight Fasting is Mandatory

Reporting :

Within 24 Hrs after sample collection *

Test Price:

₹ 2200

Price ₹ 2200


Parameter Included


Doctor Consultation


Test booked so far


Report Time

Within 24 Hrs after sample collection

Fasting Time

Overnight Fasting is Mandatory

Test Recommended for


Recommended for age

All Age Groups

Covid Safety


Frequently Asked Questions

The Wellwise Advanced Profile is a full body checkup panel of 68 tests, curated by expert pathologists and doctors for a comprehensive diagnosis of the body’s condition. The tests are performed to assess the overall health of an individual and to identify if there is any risk of developing some life-threatening disease. The Wellwise Advanced Profile full body checkup is a comprehensive way of assessing the body’s internal functions and enzyme levels in the blood. It helps keep track of overall health and in the detection of underlying issues that may be unnoticeable in the initial stages.

The Wellwise Advanced Profile is suitable for people of all genders and ages as it is basically a panel of tests for a full body checkup, which is very helpful in keeping track of one’s health. Annual full-body checkups are usually suggested by doctors as a part of preventive health care. The Wellwise Advanced Profile helps analyse the organ health and internal functions of the body in a comprehensive manner and can even help in the detection of health issues and conditions, even in their early stages.

The Wellwise Advanced Profile body checkup is a panel of 68 tests that help in the comprehensive analysis of a person’s bodily functions, enzyme levels, organ health, and overall health. The Wellwise Advanced Profile body checkup has been curated by expert pathologists and doctors and some of the tests performed under the panel include a complete hemogram, blood sugar (fasting), glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1C), KFT Profile with calcium, inorganic phosphorus, lipid profile, thyroid profile, liver function test profile, etc.

Yes. An advanced full body checkup should be performed regularly and is an important part of preventive healthcare for people of all ages and sexes. An advanced full body checkup analyses the levels of various enzymes in the blood and the functioning of the organs and the body to provide a comprehensive overview of one’s health. Regular advanced full body checkups not only help keep track of one’s health condition but can also help in the early detection of diseases, conditions, and underlying issues, even before their symptoms become noticeable.

According to doctors, if you are relatively healthy and under the age of 30, you should get an advanced health checkup performed every 2-3 years. For people over 30, in good health, the advanced full body health checkup can be performed once a year, while elderly people should get one performed every 4–6 months. Doctors also recommend this checkup on a more regular basis to those who have risk factors of developing chronic health conditions, have existing health issues, or have undergone treatments or surgeries for some health condition. You should consult your doctor for the same and they will be able to recommend a suitable schedule for your advanced health checkup based on your health and risk factors.

The Wellwise Advanced Profile is a full body checkup that involves 68 diverse tests, each with their own requirements. Many tests included in this advanced full body checkup require that the individual not eat anything for 8-12 hours prior to sample collection. So, overnight fasting is mandatory before getting the Wellwise Advanced Profile performed.

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