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Parameter Included: 84

WellWise Exclusive Profile-Female Test is a master health checkup package by Max Lab for females, which is specifically designed for women. This exclusive women's health package covers all essential preventive health tests while going a step further by including the Folate test for females. This Max Lab full body checkup for women helps to evaluate the health status of women thoroughly, determining the presence of any ailment at an early stage. This health screening comprises all the important tests needed to assess the overall health of a female body, including the Folate Test and others.

Key Benefits of Full Body Checkup

Taking a full-body health check annually is recommended to ensure optimal health for all females aged 18 and above. The key benefits of a female health checkup are: 

  • A comprehensive full-body women's health checkup helps to evaluate the status of any existing medical conditions of a female body and identify the risks of developing diseases.
  • WellWise Exclusive Profile-Female Test for women also provides extensive insights on general health, functioning of the different organs of the body, or whether there is any deficiency in the body that needs to be addressed.

Why a Full Body Checkup is Recommended

From puberty to menstruation, pregnancy to menopause, a women’s body goes through several changes. With the onset of different biological transitions in a women’s body at different ages, different medical conditions are likely to occur. A full body checkup for ladies followed by a consultation with the specialists can help women to prevent and manage any arising medical conditions.

Test Includes:

Complete Haemogram, 25 Hydroxy Vitamin D Level, Blood Sugar Fasting, Glycosylated Haemoglobin (HbA1C), Iron and Total Iron Binding Capacity, Inorganic Phosphorus, CRP (C-Reactive Protein), KFT Profile with Calcium, Liver Function Test Profile, Lipid Profile, Folate , Ferritin, Thyroid Profile*, Vitamin B12, Urine Routine And Microscopy

Preparation :

Overnight fasting Mandatory

Reporting :

Same Day *

Test Price:

₹ 4200

Price ₹ 4200


Parameter Included


Doctor Consultation


Test booked so far


Report Time

Same Day

Fasting Time

Overnight fasting Mandatory

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