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How to Reduce Bad Cholesterol Naturally from Food

How to Reduce Bad Cholesterol Naturally from Food

Max Lab

Sep 08, 2022

Cholesterol is a fatty substance that is found in the human body and is responsible for several functions, such as hormone production, fat digestion, and others. However, high cholesterol levels do more harm than good. According to the WHO, the presence of bad cholesterol is the leading cause of ischemic heart disease and stroke. Stress-induced lifestyle, restricted movement, and an unbalanced diet are some of the common causes of high LDL cholesterol levels in the body. So, how can one reduce the risk of having a high cholesterol level? Here we have discussed the best ways to naturally reduce cholesterol from food:

Increase the Intake of Soluble Fibre

Fibre is a very important nutrient that helps in maintaining gut health. Usually, dietary soluble fibre is present in plant-based food items and is known to lower LDL-cholesterol by a significant amount in the body. These fibres bind the bad cholesterol and flush it out of the body. So, including food items with 5–10 grams of fibre a day can help a lot in reducing cholesterol.

Foods that have a high amount of soluble fibre are:

  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Fruits
  • Lentils
  • Kidney beans

When a person’s plate is well-balanced with a good amount of macro and micronutrients, it is reflected in the positive reports of the LDL cholesterol test.

Reduce Foods Containing Saturated Fats in Your Diet

Anyone who is on the health recovery journey or practising a balanced lifestyle knows that saturated fats are not good for health. If you are wondering how to reduce LDL cholesterol, start by limiting the intake of foods containing saturated fats. Some of the common food items are red meat, refined oil, sausages, sugary foods, cheese, and so on. Indulging in these items once in a while is okay, but going overboard will show up on one’s cholesterol test.

There are several healthy alternatives that taste good and have a positive impact on overall health, such as:

  • Fish with omega-3 fatty acids
  • Nuts
  • Seeds like pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, and flaxseed
  • Canola oil/avocado oil

These items are nutrient-dense and have unsaturated fats that are good for increasing HDL cholesterol. Many people think about how to increase their HDL cholesterol levels when they have several food options available on their kitchen shelves.

Add Protein-Rich Food to Your Diet Plan

Health experts around the world say that protein is an excellent food nutrient that must be included in every meal. For a person struggling with high LDL cholesterol levels, having a protein-rich diet is crucial. However, choosing the right kind of protein is essential.

Some of the protein-rich sources are:

  • Freshwater fish
  • Poultry
  • Low-fat dairy
  • Nuts

These foods are good for the heart's health. The result of including a well-balanced meal with protein, fibre, and unsaturated fats works wonders to lower cholesterol fast.

Tweak Your Cooking Style

We heavily depend on different kinds of oils in our everyday cooking. When a person has high LDL cholesterol, it’s best to minimise their oil intake. Always remember that less is more when it comes to oil, ghee, and butter. Moderation can help one achieve the goal of keeping cholesterol levels in check.

Cooking food with less oil has several health benefits. One should also try to use other cooking techniques such as boiling, grilling, and poaching to reduce the intake of unhealthy oils.

Removing the skin of the meat before cooking is also a good way to reduce fat intake while not compromising on protein. These foods are good for maintaining a healthy cholesterol level.

These are some of the simple swaps that can help one control cholesterol naturally. Furthermore, including some movement throughout the week is recommended to see a positive result.

The Road to Recovery

If the doctor has asked a person to get their cholesterol test done, then they can book different types of cholesterol tests from the official website of Max Lab. It offers affordable test prices and ensures timely delivery of test reports. One can also opt for at-home blood sample collection for convenience and download the reports from the official Max Lab website. Whether it's an LDL cholesterol test, HDL cholesterol test, or total cholesterol test, Max Lab conducts these tests. Make sure to take the test reports to the doctor for clarity and treatment.

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